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Parish History

St. Joseph Church
Established 1864
850 households

Catholicism in Bristol originated in the 1840's with Irish immigrants who worked the copper mine between Bristol and Unionville. After mine workers went on strike because no time was permitted to attend Sunday Mass, Father Luke Daly of Hartford was invited to celebrate Mass around 1848. Later, Bristol became a mission of St. Mary's, New Britain. On July 12, 1854, the circuit pastor purchased the Titus Merriman property, the site of the present church. Construction of a frame church began in 1858 and it was dedicated to St. Joseph on August 26, 1860. On October 1, 1864, Father Michael B. Rodden was appointed resident pastor as St. Joseph mission was made a parish. Father Thomas Keena undertook the construction of a parochial school on the Queen Street tract, and the new school was dedicated on May 24, 1903, staffed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery. On the site of the first church Father Oliver T. Magnell undertook the building of a new one, which was dedicated on August 9, 1925. The original church was moved and eventually torn down to make way for the new. On November 13, 1960, the contemporary school on Center Street was blessed.
St. Joseph Church
33 Queen Street, Bristol CT 06010-5115
Mailing Address: 149 Goodwin Street, Bristol CT 06010-5115
Telephone: 860-583-1369   Fax: 860-589-5374
Deanery: Bristol
Vicariate: Waterbury