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Parish History

St. Rose Church
Established 1920
776 households

On October 25, 1920, St. Rose was made a parish in the Burnside section of East Hartford. Its territory was taken from St. Mary parish. Father Alexander Mitchell was appointed first pastor by Bishop John J. Nilan. He secured 10 acres of land that stretched from the western corner of Burnside Avenue down Church Street. With the labor of his parishioners, Father Mitchell was soon able to build a frame church in the form of a Quonset hut situated between the present church and Burnside Avenue. Father Mitchell then built a more spacious structure on Church Street, dedicated on June 22, 1924. As the number of parish youngsters grew, the pastor began work on a long anticipated parochial school. In 1954, he purchased two pieces of property, which included a building, across from St. Rose's at 20 Church Street. The dwelling was refurbished as a convent for the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, who would staff the new school. Construction then moved forward. St. Rose Junior High School opened on November 28, 1955 and was dedicated by Archbishop Henry J. O'Brien on December 11.
St. Rose Church
33 Church Street, East Hartford CT 06108-3794
Telephone: 860-289-8616   Fax: 860-289-3966
Deanery: Manchester
Vicariate: Hartford