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Parish History

St. Thomas the Apostle Church
Established 1966
1100 households

After 1886, Oxford became a mission of St. Augustine, Seymour and then St. Rose, Newtown. Bimonthly Mass was offered at Southford in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. When a New York City man, Judge Thomas Coman, donated money in 1909 for a chapel, Father George T. Sinnott was able to buy land. On July 2, 1912, Father Sinnott conducted the dedication. Initially named St. Mary, the Oxford chapel was renamed St. Thomas the Apostle on October 9, 1916. St. Thomas passed to the care of St. Michael Church, Beacon Falls, on November 15, 1924. In 1948, St. Thomas was returned to Seymour's pastors. Finally, after 60 years of shifting mission pastorates, Archbishop Henry J. O'Brien made St. Thomas a parish on September 17, 1966. Father Joseph R. Barlowski became the first resident pastor. On July 20, 1971, parishioners settled on a church site, about three acres on Oxford Road. The Coman chapel was sold in 1972.. Archbishop John F. Whealon dedicated the new brick colonial church of St. Thomas the Apostle on January 28, 1973.
St. Thomas the Apostle Church
733 Oxford Road, Rte. 67, Oxford CT 06478-1299
Telephone: 203-888-2382   Fax: 203-881-5518
Deanery: Ansonia-Derby
Vicariate: Waterbury