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Example: Search for St. Joseph Parish in Meriden.
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See St. Joseph Parish in the listing of parishes in Meriden.

Example: Search for all parishes named St. Joseph.
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Other information about the parishes from the Archdiocesan Archives:
Churches listed by date of establishment.
Churches and dates of establishment listed by city.
List of merged and suppressed (closed) parishes.

NOTICE to Pastors: Parish Email, Web Site Address, Driving Directions
Please contact the webmaster if you wish to add your parish email and/or web site address to this Directory. Please send updates for driving directions as well. Email or call 203-634-0000. Thank you.


"The parish, which is like a diocesan cell, should give 'an outstanding example of community apostolate, for it gathers into a unity all the human diversity that are found there and inserts them into the universality of the Church.'"
- Congregation for the Clergy, The Priest, Pastor and Leader of the Parish Community, August 2002, par. 18.


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